Total Tonnage Competition

Hello everyone, and happy Yule.

I have been talking recently to an old member of the Pack, who wants to reconnect to his alter after a more mundane period in his life. I suggested that we do one of the old total tonnage competitions we used to do in the old days on the forum as a way to start the process. To make it more interesting, I thought I would post the idea here, so that anyone who wants to can join in.

The idea is to lift weights of any size from the floor to over your head. At the end of the day, you multiply the weight you used by the number of lifts to get the total tons you lifted that day. We do this for a week, and the winner is the one with the highest total tonnage.

Obviously, we are using the honor system, here.

We all found this to be an excellent way of staying in shape, or getting back into it, and developing our relationships with our alters.

We figured we’d start the Monday after Christmas week and run until Sunday night. Anyone who wants to join, just post your lifts starting then.


enhancing healing

As many berserkers in training soon discover, the berserker path necessitates a lot of healing. The same kind of enhancement that works for strength will work for healing. Just elevating will speed up the healing process, as long as you keep yourself well fed.

But we can do better than that.

The key is gestaltic visualization. Visualize the location of the injury. Concentrate on the feel of the injury. Try to picture the parts of your body that actually do the healing. Picture your body as a whole, coursing with power. Picture your elevated self. Picture yourself free of injury. Visualize every detail of the injured parts of your body from as many perspectives as possible. Visualize healing runes. Visualize them on your injury. Visualize yourself inhaling healing energy from the world around you, and directing it to the wound.

Keep switching from one image to another. Concentrate powerfully on each, but linger on none.

You are aiming to build up a powerful, complex, detailed image of your injury and your healing, one far more complex than you can manage just by concentrating on one thing. This will recruit and focus FAR more of your mind into the healing effort, and the speed with which you heal should improve.

Pavel Tsatsouline

Today, I wish to take a moment to offer you all some good advice: if you are into physical fitness, and especially if you are a martial artist, you need to check out the works of Pavel Tsatsouline. The Evil Russian, as he is known, is hands down the most knowledgeable and effective trainer for fighting fitness and general fitness I have ever run across. As a former fitness trainer for the Spetsnaz, he should be! Following his advice, I went from being a guy who had serious back and neck problems and got winded after a minute of intense activity to being a guy who is the winner of numerous amateur mixed martial arts tournaments and has defeated SEALs and marines in them as often as they have defeated me. Everything the Evil Russian has ever written is well worth buying.

And just in case Mr. Tsatsouline ever chances to read this: thank you, Comrade!