Total Tonnage Competition

Hello everyone, and happy Yule.

I have been talking recently to an old member of the Pack, who wants to reconnect to his alter after a more mundane period in his life. I suggested that we do one of the old total tonnage competitions we used to do in the old days on the forum as a way to start the process. To make it more interesting, I thought I would post the idea here, so that anyone who wants to can join in.

The idea is to lift weights of any size from the floor to over your head. At the end of the day, you multiply the weight you used by the number of lifts to get the total tons you lifted that day. We do this for a week, and the winner is the one with the highest total tonnage.

Obviously, we are using the honor system, here.

We all found this to be an excellent way of staying in shape, or getting back into it, and developing our relationships with our alters.

We figured we’d start the Monday after Christmas week and run until Sunday night. Anyone who wants to join, just post your lifts starting then.


Freeweights vs. Machines

For both training purposes and muscle development, you want freeweights such as kettlebells, dumbbells, and barbells. Machines are worse than useless. They isolate muscles, which results in differential muscle development. This tends to result in an underdeveloped core as compared to your larger muscles. This can be risky for anybody, but it is especially risky for a berserker, because the gangr amplifies your natural strength by stimulating greater than usual muscle contraction. With underdeveloped core and stabilizer muscles, this can easily result in serious injuries, as you lift something that is technically in your strength range but which you are not able to adequately support when it moves freely.