enhancing healing

As many berserkers in training soon discover, the berserker path necessitates a lot of healing. The same kind of enhancement that works for strength will work for healing. Just elevating will speed up the healing process, as long as you keep yourself well fed.

But we can do better than that.

The key is gestaltic visualization. Visualize the location of the injury. Concentrate on the feel of the injury. Try to picture the parts of your body that actually do the healing. Picture your body as a whole, coursing with power. Picture your elevated self. Picture yourself free of injury. Visualize every detail of the injured parts of your body from as many perspectives as possible. Visualize healing runes. Visualize them on your injury. Visualize yourself inhaling healing energy from the world around you, and directing it to the wound.

Keep switching from one image to another. Concentrate powerfully on each, but linger on none.

You are aiming to build up a powerful, complex, detailed image of your injury and your healing, one far more complex than you can manage just by concentrating on one thing. This will recruit and focus FAR more of your mind into the healing effort, and the speed with which you heal should improve.


Tendons, ligaments, and the gangr.

Recently I received the following question in the comments section, and thought it deserved wider attention:

“when someone enters the gangr and try to lift a very heavy weight that would normaly is to much for his tendons en joints to handle, will the enforced healing capability fix this problem? I mean when his tendons begin to slowly rip apart will this be healed so that he still can lift the weight?”

The answer is, unfortunately, no. Berserkers heal fast, but not that fast. One of the hard upper limits on enhanced strength is the tendons and ligaments. A berserker enhances his or her strength in a few ways. The primary source of it is adrenaline, combined with burning whatever fuel reserves the body is holding by for an emergency. Lowering the activity in the antagonist muscles is another, permitting more of the body’s inherent strength to be exercised. A reduction of the brain’s natural inhibitions, a lack of ability to feel fear, and an insensitivity to pain can also allow you to exert more of your strength than you normally would, because you aren’t thinking about the consequences. Finally, one of the odder effects of the berserker unitary state is the ability to very rapidly un-knot cramped muscles, which also ups the amount of strength you can effectively use by a bit.

None of that has any effect on the tendons. Let me relate an amusing story that should serve you all as a cautionary tale. I am a big man. 6’2”, large frame, decently muscled. Most fights I have been in, both in and out of the ring, have been against fighters who were, at most, as large as me, and often smaller. Several years ago, I was in my amped-up training phase to prepare for that year’s Shieldbiter’s Cup berserker tournament when I learned about another amateur MMA tournament in my area, not specifically a berserker thing. So I thought I would enter it as a warmup.

It was a decent warmup. I went through my first few bouts undefeated. Then I was confronted by an opponent who was significantly bigger than me, and who had far superior training in classic martial arts to me. This pushed me to my limits when fighting him. I was deeply berserk. In that state, well, you revert to instinctive behavior, not a lot of human level thinking going on. One of my fight-ending techniques, that had often served me well, was to bull-rush my opponent, drop low, and use my berserker strength to lift him over my head and throw him. I did that with this guy, though he was over 300 pounds. My wolfish self assessed that I had the strength, when berserk, to do it. I did, in fact, manage to lift him completely overhead.

Then my MCL tore. That’s one of the tendons in the knee. My muscle output was amplified. Tendon strength was the same as ever. I fell. My larger opponent fell on top of me, of course. I spent a year on crutches and walking with a cane. I am only recently getting something like my old shape back.

The Moment That You See It or Know It, You Have Already Lost It

Today’s post is an answer to a question asked in the Comments section. It is worth promoting to a full post because the issue raises an important point for developing berserkers. The original question is:

“Wen I try to go berserk my body in a way is tense and is tingling and my head has a sort of distinct pressure on the forehead. Could these be signs that I berserked? Also wen I meditate I feel that same pressure but it evens out and spreads throughout my head. Is this a sign that I deactivated my conscious mind and am in my subconscious? And finally im having trouble understanding wat is meant by fusing my subconscious subconscious content with that of my conscious. Can u tell me how this is supposed to work?”

The tingling and forehead pressure are signs of elevated wod. It is a concept not dissimilar to the idea of raising chi. It can lead to a full berserkergang, but it is not itself the sign of one.

The reason this issue is important is that you are kind of caught in a Catch-22 situation at this stage of the path. On the one hand, you need to study the path to full elevation, learn how it works, learn good and bad signs, and gain insight. In other words, you have the right instinct here, up to a point. You have to act like a scientist, observe what you are doing and what the results are, so you can keep refining your technique.

The problem is that when it comes to the gangr, the moment that you see it or know it, you have already lost it! I cannot stress this point enough. To be aware of something is to think with discriminating thought. It is to say “it is this, and not that.” Guess what? That is dualistic thinking. To be aware of a thought like that your mind must be divided into different compartments. That is not unified. That is not elevation. That is not the gangr. So if you can say to yourself “Ah, I am berserk now,” then no, you are not.

So, those things you have to learn and pay attention to? Actually paying attention to them will guarantee that you cannot elevate.

Fun, huh?

The thing is, you must learn and understand intellectually, and then you must forget all about it.

Remember this: think only of the plowing, and never of the harvest.

Concentrate on doing the rituals, the right steps, and pay no mind to whether or not you succeed.

I recommend a period of trying to elevate in different ways. Accept the fact that you will fail for a long time. In time, if you have the capacity, you will learn.

Also: meditation.

As to fusing you conscious and subconscious minds, well, this is what the unitary state is. It is like being hypnotized, dreaming, and wide awake all at the same time. Sort of.

You cannot understand it until you have experienced it.

You want a good path to achieving this unity? If you do not have extensive meditational skills, try learning to achieve dagaz moments. A dagaz moment is the split second you first perceive something. In that bare instant, your perception of it is perfect, flawless. If you can make action toward the thing you perceive and the initial perception of it one, your action will also be flawless.

I used to pick a very small target and stand far away from it with a pile of small rocks. I would pace around so that I always started in a different place, facing away from the target. Then suddenly, I would turn around and see the target. In the moment I saw, I threw the rock. If I saw then threw, I missed. If seeing and throwing were the same thing, I often hit it.

You see, the dagaz moment technique is a way of tricking your brain to be in a unitary state with regards to the target for just a moment. Do this often enough, and you may learn how to slide from one dagaz moment to the next without effort. Then, you may end up in a unified state of consciousness.

This is but one technique, of course. There are many ways to this goal.

Putting on the Wolf Skin

frontcoverAfter the somafera forum closed down, we few remaining members of the old Pack each went our separate ways to pursue our own paths. We each decided to take what we had learned from the forum and send it out into the world in whatever form we thought would do the most good. I’m a writer, so I plan on publishing a series of books on the subject of the berserkergang and other forms of somafera.

I have just published the first of these – Putting on the Wolf Skin: The Berserkergang and Other Forms of Somafera. I split it into two parts that can either be read separately or together. The first tackles the berserkergang, using primarily a spiritual and martial arts perspective. The second addresses the intellectual variant of somafera, the one that enhances mental functioning. This one uses a more scientific perspective. It is a beginner’s book, that covers the basics of how these states work, what it is like to experience them, and more. It provides details of ancient and modern initiation rituals, as well as a number of exercises to induce the state, as developed by the members of the forum over the course of decades. It gives advice on how to come to terms with the tumultuous, difficult lives that born somaferans are prone to experiencing. It also provides a summary of our scientific investigations into the state.

I have attempted to distill the fundamentals of these practices as developed by a team of dedicated somaferan researchers that included medical theorists, Navy SEALs, spiritualists, and more. I wish to thank them for all of their help and guidance over the years. The contents of this book are a product of their efforts and insights as much as my own. Fare well wherever you fare, siblings.

You can purchase Putting on the Wolf Skin direct from Createspace, or on Amazon.com (or order it from your local bookstore).