Practicing Huvardka

Huvardka is the state of mind in which certain lines of thought and feeling are subconsciously followed by reflex, instead of others. Specifically, it the way in which somaferans keep their minds from committing any of the many errors that can ruin a somaferan altered state. There are two components to it: experience and meditation. In a somaferan state the mind is furiously fixed on a specific focus. There is nothing of the mind for it to use to be aware of itself, and such awareness would ruin a somafera state anyway. Therefore, mistakes can only be avoided by either being in a deep, pure meditative state of unusual strength or by having sufficient practice in thinking the right things, so that your mind instinctively and reflexively thinks those things. Huvardka is a balance of meditation and training that permits this to occur.

There are three things to do in order to learn good huvardka skills. The first is practicing meditation, daily. The second is practicing, while in a calm, clear, meditative state of mind, thinking the things you want to think. Envision the circumstances in which you want this to be your reaction, such as when trying to enter a gangr, with as much detail and clarity as possible. The third is to keep track of your thoughts and words throughout each day, possibly with a journal. Make note of anything that you think that contradicts or distracts you from the desired line of thought and feeling. Learn to eliminate such toughts and words from your life. Keep doing these three things and you will get the hang of it.