An Update for the Old Pack

OK, this one will not mean a lot to a lot of people. It is meant for the core group of the old somafera Pack, who were into exploring the advanced elements of the gangr. Though the Pack is scattered to the four winds, still do I owe my old kin an update on important discoveries.

Brothers and sisters, I believe I have at long last found the key to the zero wod elevation technique we sought. As most of you know, the problem with elevation rituals is twofold:

  • They use a LOT of energy.
  • They involve false thoughts, or thoughts that are discriminatory (this and not that). Such thoughts are always approximations, thus they always generate errors that end the gangr state, and worse.

I had long believed that any deliberate attempt to raise or control wod would result in false thoughts, so I searched for a zero wod elevation technique. Many of us suspected that the right combination of thoughts could effortlessly result in effortless and instantaneous gangr, without all the ritual and revving up. Several of us experienced states in which some great power came to us unbidden, while some other force seemed to control our physical actions. Not unlike when a car suddenly swerves into your lane, and you suddenly drive with much more skill than ever before, and Something Else seems to move you. We suspected this was the result of hitting some of the right thoughts for a zero wod state.

Yet such states were random, and did not last long. Also, they tended to ultimately achieve less than a good focused ritual could.

Of course, we said, the last time we discussed this matter. It takes a lot more to go from zero to sixty, as the zero wod thing requires. A ritual is more like shifting slowly up through the gears.

I believe recent experiences of mine have shown a way past this paradigm. The key to the zero wod elevation is in the following sequence of steps, I believe:

  • Get VERY familiar with an elevation technique. Use it all the time, for everything. Become very, very good with it. This takes years and years.
  • Once you reach the point where you have spontaneous elevation responses on a daily basis, for long periods of time, with no effort or intent, stop using the ritual. Forever.
  • The key here is to use an obscure technique some of you know: canned meditation, as some of us called it. If you perform a meditation ritual, and leave out a key element, and DO NOT REACT TO THE RITUAL IN ANY WAY, then you have left a certain potential energy in your memory, your subconscious mind. Later, by performing the missing element, you get in an instant something like the benefit of the whole prolonged meditation. I used this technique to great benefit in the tournament. So, by experiencing spontaneous gangr flashes, and doing things like listening to music that kicks in the elevation response, if you get into a deep meditative calm and do not react to it, you will have “canned the meditation” for later use.
  • Doing this constantly, until it becomes reflex, should eventually solve the zero to sixty problem. Your natural habit of thought will then generate tons of potential mental and emotional energy that, when you need to elevate, can be tapped by reflex, without effort. Zero to sixty in an instant. Zero wod elevation. No ritual, full strength.

The benefit of this is that none of this will be the result of false thoughts. No errors generated = no limit to the time you can stay elevated? At any rate, it’s the most credible path forward, and past The Wall, that I have found in years of research. I hope you are all well, my siblings.


Zero-Wod Elevation

Although I try to provide plenty of information here for pups and those outside this practice, this is also a place for the discussion of more advanced somaferan topics, and that is what I have to discuss today.

As some who were part of the Pack before it disbanded are aware, my primary research goal for the past several years has been to develop a zero-wod elevation technique. As those who have used somafera techniques to actually do things with are aware, it burns a LOT of energy. Quickly. Just going berserk can take the bulk of your reserves, leaving you little to actually accomplish your goals. So it makes sense to try to reduce the amount of wod that is needed to go berserk, or enter any other kind of somafera state.

Many years ago, some of the older members of the Pack noticed that besides the basic overload technique, elevation could be accomplished by practicing entering the state over and over again, and learning it to the level at which it become instinctual. The more instinctual and habitual it is, the easier it is to enter a somafera state. In other words, there seemed to be two paths to elevation. The easiest was overwhelming emotion. The other one was precision of thought.

So we hypothesized that there should be a way to elevate without using any wod at all. A way of thinking that could lead the mind into the desired state without effort. So I made it my goal to find such a thing, if it exists.

I have not yet succeeded. But I have learned a couple of important things. The first is that elevation can be accomplished via storytelling. Picking the right story and telling it, whether to yourself or another, can guide your mind along the right paths and lead you to elevation with a lot less wod than would normally be required.

The second thing is much more useful. I suspect that the key to zero wod elevation lies in being different selves simultaneously. Us somaferans are multiples of some sort naturally. Shamanic practitioners can become many different selves as well, through shamanic technique. When you can become multiple selves at once, without straining to maintain the state, the interactions between them seem to lead to gangr flashes that require no effort or setup at all.

Some of you know one of the techniques for entering the gangr reliably: learning to hit a dagaz moment, and stringing them together until they merge into a gangr. I think the key to true zero wod elevation lies in this being multiple selves and stringing these gangr flashes together until they merge.

To my old brothers and sisters from the Pack: I hope your studies and practices are going well too.