Effective Berserker Technique against Traditional Styles

Today I’m going to share a technique for a berserker fighting mundane opponents. This involves a combination of trickery, brute strength, and speed.

It is best done after a phrase or two. (For those of you who don’t know, in a fight a phrase is a period when you close and exchange blows or grapple for a bit before breaking apart again.) When you are at a distance and both trying to catch your breath, pant a little harder than you need to. Lower your guard a bit. Stand far enough off that you are obviously out of distance. Well, what would be out of distance for a mundane fighter, at any event. (Out of distance, for the beginners in the audience, means further apart than can be covered in a single lunge.)

Keep your energy low on the outside. This will give your body language a relaxed, tired, not-ready look. On the inside, raise your wod as high as you can. Pups may find this difficult but, with practice, it can be done.

Keep shifting your stance. Change up which hand is leading. Look like you’re trying to psych him out with a fake charge or two. In other words, keep his eyes on your face and hands. When your energy is high, put one foot back and plant it, and sink your weight on it. “Load the spring,” as it were. Observe your opponent carefully. When he exhales, or is distracted, spike your wod, go as hamrammr as you can, and LUNGE. (A little baritus here is a good idea.) The extra strength the gangr will give you should mean that you are actually in distance, and can cover it and strike from inside his guard before he is even aware of what you are doing.

(For you pups who have not been doing you vocab homework, hamrammr is an ancient word, meaning “shape-strong,” that refers to the strength boost you get from massive doses of adrenaline as hyper-oxygenation of the blood.)

If you do this trick correctly, it can easily be a fight ender. Remember, if you combine cleverness with the extra edge the gangr gives you that most opponents don’t expect you to have, you can defeat even an opponent with superior strength and training. This technique requires some good gangr control and experience judging distance and exploding off the mark, though. Practice it!


10 thoughts on “Effective Berserker Technique against Traditional Styles

  1. A good example of “letting the green grass fool you[r opponent],” when the rhythm permits. People do fall out when they think they have a break and they don’t. But I take exception to the term “traditional styles” here.

    Cambridge defines “traditional” as: “following or belonging to the ways of behaving or beliefs that have been established for a long time.” It’s obvious what you mean here when you say “traditional styles”; but doesn’t the style you profess “belong to ways of behaving [and] beliefs that have been established for a long time”? And don’t the styles you challenge belong to a back-engineered doctrine that has been categorically designed for the world of modernity? “Conventional” styles they may be, sure–but traditional?


  2. So can y’all roar like a lion like actually like a lion. I want to know how berserk you really are. I found this page while looking at my symptoms which are the same as the berserkers. I get chattering teeth in fights. I have an incredible urges to roar the site of blood incites me. I am intoxicated by its bright beautiful perfect colour. I have strong urges to kill the idea of being on a battlefield in a few years puts thee biggest smile on my face. I find heavy metal extremely fucking amazing.


    • What I said does not even give you the slightest idea of how much I crave war. All my dreams include me fighting huge wild animals such as giant saver tooth tigers. I also get armed men robbing banks and doing terrorist attacks as well. I haven’t heard of these symptoms online before.


      • Oh and can I get the email address of someone who knows a lot about this shit I’d like to talk about it with someone


      • Mr. Penny,

        I’m sure a few people in this community know a lot about it and would be willing to talk to you about it if you left your email or other contact info.


  3. Excuse me but- is there still a forum available at the moment??
    How may I contact and talk to the owner of this blog?? Wayland Skallamgrimsson.


    • Not really. It died some time back, and I am mostly retired from the berserker community now. However, an eager young berserker is really keen on starting and running a new one. I will send him here to message when he has it set up. I will join myself, too, and answer questions when I can.


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