somaferans and doctors


I have recently found myself dealing with an unusual medical issue, and my maenadic partner suggested that I share it with everyone, because some of us might need to know it.

For a few weeks I had periodically been feeling minor symptoms of illness. I’d get a bit of a headache, nausea, sore throat, and an earache. I was getting winded a little more easily than usual. None of it would be very bad, or last very long, but this kept happening. I went in to see my doctor, as I had a checkup scheduled, and she was of the opinion that I could not be sick in that way, especially not with an ear infection.

I tried using elevation rituals to help myself heal and feel better, as is a common practice among modern somaferans. The night I did that, my symptoms returned and got much worse, and I was acutely ill for two days, then I felt better. The odd symptoms from before were gone.

I am just guessing as to what happened here. I think it’s clear the doctor was wrong about my not being sick. I tend to have a strong immune system, boosted by regular elevations during training. I suspect that I had been sick, but my immune system was mostly fighting it off. Not quite managing to beat it, though, and it kept surging back. When I turned my attention to my health in an elevated state, my body “found” the rest of the infection, and brought to bear its full resources on it. This produced the worsened symptoms. Most of the bad effects of being sick are actually the effects of your immune system trying to fight off the infection.

I bring this all up because, as my partner said, the close somaferan mind-body connection means we have physiologies that function a little differently than normal, and doctors are trained to diagnose things based on the average model. Like my doctor here, they may not be acquainted with how things work for you, and may therefore ignore some things and misinterpret others. Please understand – I am not saying you should not see a doctor for health problems. You should. Just understand that they might not understand. If you feel there is something going on with your health issues that your doctor does not see, do not just dismiss it.


One thought on “somaferans and doctors

  1. That, or perhaps you were Bewitched or Haunted by something and the Elevation ritual burned it out of your system. When I had the evil eye on me, whenever I removed it using the Italian formula, I would get nauseous and have diarrhea as well as cold sweat and shakes. After an hour the evil eye we was removed and the symptoms stopped. Same thing happens when getting Reiki done. If some shit in your life is really bad, Reiki can actually trigger a Healing Crisis (Wounded Healer) in your life until it has removed the damage done.

    Everything that can go wrong, will go wrong. It’s possible that perhaps you didn’t have a Physical disease but rather a Spiritual One. For the sorcerers of old, the line between disease and curse or haunting was a very thin one. Sounds to me that your Doctor couldn’t help you because what you needed was some Spiritual Doctoring. I have had those same symptoms when being cursed.

    You have to know what to look for to identify it. And often I turn a blind eye to it because my “rational mind” says “You’re being paranoid,” Fair enough, but My sister got sick, real sick. My Mother thought she was going to die. So I told my rational mind to go take a long walk off a short peer. I dug into my spell books, used Divination and found that a Warlock had put a hex on my sister because she was jealous of her.

    I took care of her, then removed the spell done on my sister and she healed by the next day. You would never have know anything had been wrong with her. The same thing happened again with my Mother, again I had to knock the enemy off they’re high horse and heal her. You are very wise and clearly have had more experience than I do with a lot of things. Somaferans are powerful people. But beware an enemy around you.

    I’m sure you could use your gifts to find this enemy out and similarly, knock them flat on their ass. I write this knowing someone is gonna read this post and think I’m bat shit crazy or at least delusional. But if even one person can be helped with what I have just written, then I say glory be to the Gods. Let people think I’m nuts.



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