Somaferans and Social Interaction

Today’s post is a request from a fellow somaferan, on the topic of social interactions and somaferans. Asking me to give advice about social interactions is rather like asking Stephen Hawking for tips on how to play football, but I will share what I understand about this topic.

We are not good at it, in general, for a number of reasons. One is that we tend to get easily enthusiastic, and easily impatient, with things. Other people do not share our enthusiasms, or understand why we suddenly lose patience with things. Because of this, somaferan social interactions with other people go kind of like playing with musicians who are reading different sheet music.

Another reason is that we have a tendency to wear our hearts on our sleeves. Most people are used to concealing at least some part of their real feelings, and expect others to do the same. This often leads to misunderstandings. And to people taking advantage of you, when they realize they have the key to your heart.

Then there is the often regrettable tendency we somaferans have to be honest. Bluntly so. Rudely so, by most non-somaferans’ standards. Many somaferans tend to lack understanding of and patience for the little social graces, and also tend to lack any sort of filter between impulse and mouth. This does not make us popular.

There isn’t a lot of advice I can give for making social interactions for our kind any easier. I am extremely antisocial. I generally try to avoid social interactions, which solves these problems for me rather nicely. That is not always possible, though, and of course many somaferans are rather social creatures, despite being so bad at it. I would advise being very selective in who you associate with. If somebody is not willing to do the work and have the patience necessary to understand you, and to hear things the way you meant them rather than the way most people take them, then that person is not worth the effort involved in dealing with them.

Another thing I could advise is creating a social interaction persona. Create a character in your head, perhaps even with his or her own name. Give them the characteristics you think are needed for successful social interaction. Spend some time thinking about this persona. Then, when you need to, be it. A somaferan is used to being multiple people, it should not be difficult to become “possessed,” as it were, by the character you created. This can make things much smoother, though it gets exhausting after awhile.

With regards to Red Green, Good luck. I’m pulling for you. We’re all in this together.


7 thoughts on “Somaferans and Social Interaction

  1. This post couldn’t have come at a better time. I’m quitting my job. Even the person I am when I’m happy freaks people out because I seem hyper, overexcited etc. I’ve tried for years to stop wearing my heart on my sleeve, but I hate having to change. I like who I am. I like having such strong feelings. So, question for other berserkers here: what kinds of jobs are best for people like us? I have a degree and my family wants me to use it but I’d just as soon stock shelves in the back of a building rather than deal with people. Sorry if this post is a little too personal. I had a very rough week.


      • That’s what I’m considering too. It’s frustrating though. It takes money to make money, so I have to stay at my current job long enough to save money to buy stuff for a business (thinking about selling craft stuff, things out of the garden, and of course lifting heavy stuff for a handy service type deal). How hard is it to get started?


  2. Hello I’m new here , from the US , practice Ulfhednar Odinist , wish to do the ritual , any known people’s in my area of New Jersey , please contact me , I have pit in back yard and am black smith , fire is my Freind lol , Hail Odin …….


  3. I am a beserka by birth, thought disorder, hypermanic, insightful, no feelings of helpless or depression or sucidal tbough, objective happy; bipolar I in remission.

    Stress triggers my beserkgang but I have learned my default mode is spirit walking, odd indeed always wondered why everyone is so lazy :)

    Cool site


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