enhancing healing

As many berserkers in training soon discover, the berserker path necessitates a lot of healing. The same kind of enhancement that works for strength will work for healing. Just elevating will speed up the healing process, as long as you keep yourself well fed.

But we can do better than that.

The key is gestaltic visualization. Visualize the location of the injury. Concentrate on the feel of the injury. Try to picture the parts of your body that actually do the healing. Picture your body as a whole, coursing with power. Picture your elevated self. Picture yourself free of injury. Visualize every detail of the injured parts of your body from as many perspectives as possible. Visualize healing runes. Visualize them on your injury. Visualize yourself inhaling healing energy from the world around you, and directing it to the wound.

Keep switching from one image to another. Concentrate powerfully on each, but linger on none.

You are aiming to build up a powerful, complex, detailed image of your injury and your healing, one far more complex than you can manage just by concentrating on one thing. This will recruit and focus FAR more of your mind into the healing effort, and the speed with which you heal should improve.


5 thoughts on “enhancing healing

  1. I’ve got an unrelated question. Two, actually. One, I often hear berserkers saying they’ve blacked out during gangrs. That’s only happened to me a couple times for very brief periods. What’s more common for me is, in my gangr state, I’m aware of what’s happening and able to remember a some things, but it’s like I’m watching from the outside, almost out of body but that’s not quite the right way to explain. It’s like my mind is a passive obsever who is in no way controlling what the Beast is doing. And my memory of the event will be spotty. But I seldom have actual amnesia, just a loss of control and cant remember certain details after. Is that common?


    • That was an old term, used before we really refined the theory. It referred to two different things that we eventually used two different terms for.

      The first was the kind of gangr you got when you fully deafferented the full posterior superior parietal lobe, instead of just the left half. The difference between it and the fiery gangr is analagous to the difference between samadhi and positive samadhi, or between zero pointed awareness and single pointed awareness. It is utterly effortless, and without intent. You cannot even say you are moved by something, for there is no you to be moved, nor anything separate from you to move you.

      The other thing we used the term to refer to was the kind of intellectual gangr that increases awareness. This is what we now refer to as madspace.


  2. To reword my first question (I’m having trouble explaining it well) should the gangrs where I can remember what happened after be considered true gangrs? Like regular gangrs they’re preceeded by the tingling feeling, the palpitations, the muscle tensing, etc. And I do experience a detachment of sorts, like I’m not me. But if I can remember it, can it be considered a true gangr?


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