Zero-Wod Elevation

Although I try to provide plenty of information here for pups and those outside this practice, this is also a place for the discussion of more advanced somaferan topics, and that is what I have to discuss today.

As some who were part of the Pack before it disbanded are aware, my primary research goal for the past several years has been to develop a zero-wod elevation technique. As those who have used somafera techniques to actually do things with are aware, it burns a LOT of energy. Quickly. Just going berserk can take the bulk of your reserves, leaving you little to actually accomplish your goals. So it makes sense to try to reduce the amount of wod that is needed to go berserk, or enter any other kind of somafera state.

Many years ago, some of the older members of the Pack noticed that besides the basic overload technique, elevation could be accomplished by practicing entering the state over and over again, and learning it to the level at which it become instinctual. The more instinctual and habitual it is, the easier it is to enter a somafera state. In other words, there seemed to be two paths to elevation. The easiest was overwhelming emotion. The other one was precision of thought.

So we hypothesized that there should be a way to elevate without using any wod at all. A way of thinking that could lead the mind into the desired state without effort. So I made it my goal to find such a thing, if it exists.

I have not yet succeeded. But I have learned a couple of important things. The first is that elevation can be accomplished via storytelling. Picking the right story and telling it, whether to yourself or another, can guide your mind along the right paths and lead you to elevation with a lot less wod than would normally be required.

The second thing is much more useful. I suspect that the key to zero wod elevation lies in being different selves simultaneously. Us somaferans are multiples of some sort naturally. Shamanic practitioners can become many different selves as well, through shamanic technique. When you can become multiple selves at once, without straining to maintain the state, the interactions between them seem to lead to gangr flashes that require no effort or setup at all.

Some of you know one of the techniques for entering the gangr reliably: learning to hit a dagaz moment, and stringing them together until they merge into a gangr. I think the key to true zero wod elevation lies in this being multiple selves and stringing these gangr flashes together until they merge.

To my old brothers and sisters from the Pack: I hope your studies and practices are going well too.


30 thoughts on “Zero-Wod Elevation

  1. Hmm this is interesting. I hadn’t thought about zero-wod elevation before. I suppose I’d have to learn all I can about doing it with wod before doing it without though. I’m anxious to see how your study of this goes!


  2. Perhaps you should seek more in the asian styles? They elevate with absolute no stress/emotion at all and are all about meditation…


  3. Hmmm, intriguing. But I am not here for this particular post. I recall that there is a form of initiation that Wayland mentioned that talked about a vision quest, a long solo hike without food ( for days ). Maybe we could try something like the hikes the maenads did. Perhaps have groups. Again, no food, days of hiking but this time with singing, dancing and all those activities. Perhaps that could work. Also, I understand this is something that we have bugged Wayland with enough but I think people should know: how do you know you are meditating correctly? Is there such a thing as correct meditation?


    • Nobody has tried the vision quest idea, but I can see potential in the idea.

      How do you know you are meditating correctly? In time, in the long run, you will start to change. You cannot tell in the moment, though, ever.

      And yes, while there are many kinds of correct meditation, there are also many incorrect kinds.


  4. I am posting this in an attempt to get your attention. About a week ago i emailed you to reuest acess to the somafera forum as the FAQ on the somafera website says to contact you, but upon reading posts on this site it would seem that you arw no longer the person to contact in regards to joining the forum. So i desire to ask that you clarify this for me. If the forum is truly gone is their a way i can acsees the olld posts on its so that i may hopefully find answers to my questions.


    • Hello,

      I am sorry, but the forum has not existed in years. I had thought I had scrubbed all of the references to it from my site. I see I have missed one.

      Nor can the old threads be accessed, I am afraid. The old forum ended badly, with some dumbass coup attempt. A number of members I had trusted, and given admin privileges to, changed my password, declared themselves leaders, tried to get hold of the land we were buying, and are currently demanding a ransom before they will return the threads to me. I will not pay, nor engage with them, so I am afraid they are lost now.

      Much of the important information from them can be found in the somafera book I have already published, and the one I have coming out soon, if I can ever get it through editing.


      • I see, that is quite unfourtunate. I have been reading your posts and some of your books and I have learned a lot from them and will continue to read them in hopes of getting a better understanding.
        However I want to ask if you know of any active forum or group that i can attempt to join in order to discuss what I think i understand. I’m at apoint in my life where i need greater control over this quiclkly and I trust that anyone or group you suggest to me will not be pretenders or the kinds of people who as you have said took your forum. I trust you because I have read your works and agree with what you say.
        What I need is something more interactive than a book, at this point i need feedback on what i have gathered and disscusion.


      • Thank you for your trust. Unfortunately, I do not know of any active groups at the moment. This thing comes and goes. Several years ago, there were several. Traces of other groups can be found going back to the seventies. Right now, we are at a low ebb. You may only have one option: the same one that made me form the forum in the first place. I needed feedback, and advice, so I made a forum and published a page, to draw in people who might be able to give it to me. If you did the same, it might work. I would certainly join it, though I do not have time for frequent participation.

        Other than that, all I can suggest is seeing if you can find a somaferan you can see in person for instruction, if you need to and they are willing. The odds are long, but I know a few in country, who might help. If you can at least tell me a state, I can tell you if I know anybody in it.


  5. Thank you for your response, I will have to think about creating a forum, it is something i had not thought of. Also I spend parts of the year in US states, New york and Vermont. My Health problems will complicate things for me but theroetically anywher, particulary in the New England area is within my reach. My health is a large part of why i am pursuing this with such urgency.


    • To clarify my last response, I need to be able to elevate when i want to in order to overcome the limitations my symptoms place on me.


    • Well, the only person I know and would trust who is regularly in the area is much too busy running his own business for this. Sorry. All I can suggest is to pick one of three things: make a forum and draw someone to you, figure it out on your own using the scientific method, or find a way to come out to Oregon for a few days at some point, and I can at least give you a crash course in the basics. If you cannot do any of these, I will try to contact a berserker I know who is usually out of the country, but travels extensively when he is in it. He may be able to give you an intensive basics course locally if he happens to be in that area.

      So what are your health related limitations, precisely?


      • Sorry it has taken me so long to respond i have been busy. I think I will continue to read your works and try to figure it out on my own. I would like to go to Oregon to learn from you and ill see what i can do to make it happen, but honestly a trip like that will take me a while to set up. Generally my health problems are chronic pain and brain fog that really limit what i am capable of doing. It is my hope that I will be able to overcome my symptoms for short periods of time in order to be more active if I learn how to intentionally elevate.


  6. I have a theory…its plausible if you keep an open mind. I am an empath…I sense things and other stuff…but I have been studying this for almost ten years and feel as though I have an adequate amount of data that supports my theory. Empaths are able to into this state with ease due to a hypersensitive amygdala. There are studies to back this information. You will find the term highly sensitive person or sensory processing sensitivity, basically meaning that you are more aware of your environment and this can extend to the human energy field. Highly sensitive people are said to have a different type of nervous system than other people. it’s estimated that 20% of the population is highly sensitive. Sensing and sensing with the human energy field is highly plausible. I say all that to conclude that A. zero wod elevation is possible. B. due to sensitivity an Empath or highly sensitive person can enter into this state. C. you all aren’t the only group of people who are different than the majority…


    • I have sensory processing disorder, an IQ over 150, almost photographic memory and photographic muscle memory. I am a genetic freak. I’m twice as strong as others my size, twice as fast as others, heal twice as fast as normal, I don’t age as fast as anyone else, I don’t sleep much at all and my spinal canal is over twice as big as it should be. I’m also ten times more electrically resistive than the average person and tasers piss me off at the worst. That’s just the strangeness I’ve discovered so far. I grew up in Isshin-Ryu and learned to control my adrenaline response (wod) on my own when I was about 12. I would sweep tournaments and be in the floor asleep when they called me to fight. I would 3-0 fight after fight in division after division while yawning after each break. I never got excited and tournament bored me. I learned to get pissed and go calm simultaneously and that’s really all there is to it. Everyone said I fought a split second into the future. I can read people so well that if you think at all before you do, I could see it and actually defend myself prior to any actual forward movement by the opponent. No silly names or cult type BS involved. I’m an atheist and I’ll be the first to say that there is nothing mystical about it. I’m just wound that tight and my brain just goes that fast. I am always hyper aware. Oh, and just like dogs, you can read energy fields if you pay attention.
      Watch Stan Lee’s Super Humans. It explained a lot about hyper nervous systems/super speed/super strength/human conductivity.
      I will say most of the info I’ve read on this site has been on par with what I figured out on my own. It’s just made to sound overly complicated with all the meditation and energy channeling type horseshit.


      • That’s quite an interesting story. You make a good point in the last part of your comment that sometimes this whole setup does seem cult-like and I think it makes some people uneasy. I’m glad I’m not alone but please, try to be a bit more polite. I might not be known by many on this forum and I ask that you direct anything you want to say to Wayland, I just had to share my thoughts.


      • I, too, have an IQ of 150, and a near eidetic memory. I have done postgraduate work in physics, and have an extensive background education in philosophy.

        Enough to recognize Dawkins-style BS when I read it. Nothing mystical about it, huh? You plainly have done no research at all about mysticism, and do not even know its definition. If you think that meditation has no basis, and just exists to make things seem “over-complicated,” then:

        A) You have no idea what meditation is.
        B) You have very little self awareness of your own practices, as you describe using meditative states in your own practice, right before badmouthing them.
        C) You have not bothered to actually read anything that has been said here or in my other resources, about what energy work is, if you think it conflicts with even atheistic philosophy.
        D) Like the Dawkins crowd is so fond of doing, you seem to be confusing philosophy and reason. Atheism is a philosophical assumption. It is not inherently rational.

        Let me tell you something: we’ve had plenty of atheists doing this who managed not to make such elementary mistakes as you are here. And it doesn’t matter how high your IQ is: talking about a subject you have clearly not done even cursory research on is not smart.

        Additionally: if you want to not be bored in martial art tournament, and to not stay in such a shallow pool that you can so easily rack up such a win record, then you need to stop fighting just in your own style. If you want to try real martial art, get into NHB, mixed martial arts style tournaments. I guarantee you, you go up against SEALs, marines, shoot fighters, Krav Maga, etc., you will not feel like it is all so easy.

        PS Stan Lee’s cartoon-ish TV program is not a reliable, academic source about anything.


      • Philip:

        Seems cult-like? I presume you are here using the word “cult” in its popular sense, rather than its proper, academic sense.

        This seems rather uncalled for. You are aware of what makes a cult, yes? There has to be a group, for one thing. A strong controlling, charismatic leader who is misusing his influence to control the group for his or her own ends, for another. Abusive behaviors, such as sexual control, calorie restriction, etc.

        You see any of that going on here? You even see a group here?

        Lacking any actual context that makes the choice of the word “cult” make any sense, I can only presume you refer to another thing: the fact that a minority spiritual practice is associated with some expressions of somafera.

        Let me clue you in on something: practicing a minority spiritual practice, or following a hardcore path, does not make a cult. Such thinking is simply religious bigotry.

        I have no interest at all in the opinions of religious bigots. So if you, or anyone, thinks this place is too “cult-like,” then you can feel free to take a hike any time you want. No one is asking you to be here. This place makes you feel uneasy?


        I provide this information for adults. For people who have enough awareness of how the world works and who they are as individuals to deal with the actual meat of the practice. I have not put this blog up to introduce us to the world, gain followers, convince people that we are legit, or do anything but give information to those who need it.

        I have spent over a decade moderating and, occasionally, when it could not be avoided, leading a Pack of somaferans. I am done with that. Mostly, it was a decade spent babysitting. A decade spent playing politics. A decade spent dealing with people who refuse to see past surfaces.

        I will not cater to such people any more.


  7. I have found a way to balance myself using Japanese kuji-in, it took over a year
    The RIN practice of kuji-in channel energy which can be described as perhaps 1/4 powerful as wod as mingled with fire. For now these meditations are are filling the gap in my life until a full ergriffener state is possible( do to being quite young and not quite independent)

    If any are interested in these practices I recommend you read the books by Maha Vajra on the subject, they can get very new agey but it’s alll Ive found


  8. It has been written that King Halfdan’s berserkers went on a berserkergang for a whole day. Is that possible? How can that happen without them dropping dead from thirst or anything else, I understand the power the berserkergang yields can amaze almost anyone, but to think that they went for a whole day is just crazt, right?


    • Good question. You are mostly correct. However, that does not mean that the record is incorrect.

      A strong gangr can be maintained for about 30-60 minutes before it burns you out. If you REALLY focus, and put everything into a single attack or move, you might have no more than a heartbeat or two before your energy is gone.

      However, an experienced berserker can maintain a low-grade gangr for hours. Such a gangr only provides a minor boost to strength and reflexes, but it is long lasting, and can easily go into a full gangr at need. Then again, it is also possible to go berserk, burn out, rest a bit, and then berserk again. The record you cite could have referred to either of these scenarios. Or it could just be poetic exaggeration, of course.

      I have heard rumors that a truly experienced berserker can keep pushing, and dip into the energies that are keeping him or her alive, and that if this is done, then astonishing results follow, even for a berserker, but that death is the result of this. No idea if this is true or just a story, though.


      • The only thing the saga said was that they went on a fury for a whole day and slaughtered anything in their path so anything is possible. It could be possible that that is what killed Kveldulfr in Egil’s saga. It’s just another theory, sometimes I wish the sagas could be more detailed. Anyway, thank you for your reply.


  9. Wayland, I have to apologize, I did not mean to offend you or any other somaferan. My use of the word cult may have been an over-exaggeration. I always have had trouble expressing myself correctly and I always end up in such positions. What I meant to say is that many people would probably think like Mr. Jason over here and because atheists tend to have negative feelings towards others who believe in something else, many feel like this is all false. I too did when I first started reading but I have changed my mind. People are scared of what they can’t understand and I’m sure most of the people here know this. Long story short, people look at the terminology used and some of the practices and instantly call them, quoting someone else “bullshit”. Again, the term cult was used because people look at these practices as if they were something out of a cult. I hope that you understand what I mean. Again I feel sorry and I take back what I said.


    • Fairly spoken. No worries. I do indeed understand about having difficulties expressing oneself accurately. I have enough such difficulties to not have much room to complain of it in others. As you have now explained what you mean better, I drop my objection. Though I leave the post up, to make the point to anyone else reading it, who may think along such lines.


      • That’s a relief, I am happy we ended this small argument ( if you can call it that ) in a civilized way. I would never ask you to take down the comment, let this not be a bad memory, but rather a valuable lesson. Maybe it’s time you made a post about somafera and religion, although you do already have talked about it, an article dedicated to it might be a good idea, that’s what I think. You’re a good man Wayland, smart and civilized and that’s why you have earned my utmost respect.


      • Thank you. You make a good point. A post on that subject would likely be a good idea. If I may impose on you for a favor, I would appreciate you posting a reminder to me if you don’t see me making such a post in a month or so.


      • Sounds easy enough, it’s about time I invested on some of those paper things that you can stick on surfaces. I don’t trust my memory when it comes to remembering things like dates and names and so on.


  10. What about consuming food while being in the gangr? Will this result in a longer durable gangr, when eating for example fast burned carbs like honey?


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