Berserker Music

One of the old members of the forum just got back in contact with me, to catch up. She gave me a link to the music she’s been making since the forum ended. It’s here:

Now, I was born in the seventies, and grew up during the eighties. I grew up with old school metal like Metallica, Iron Maiden, Megadeth and so forth, so when I say that I like metal, I mean that I like old school metal.

Her stuff is awesome! Genuine hardcore, old school metal! Not about the berserkergang, but the kind of music that does many berserkers good to listen to, an expression of her own somaferan nature. Check it out. I particularly liked Through With Humanity.


4 thoughts on “Berserker Music

  1. Tbh I´m more into death metal and ‘old school metal’ always sounded kinda lame to me….
    Until I heard this!


    • I want to press the like button your comment, but can’t remember my WordPress password, so I’m pressing “like” symbolically right now. Thanks for the listen :)


  2. Thanks! And thank you for posting this, Wayland! One day, eventually, I will have a whole solo album on iTunes. But I’m sorta doing this at my own pace because I’m also in college right now, and got tired of all the drama mongering that happens in the music scene. So this is just for fun, sort of a therapeutic way for me to safely let the bear come out and play without getting into trouble. Metal keeps me somewhat more sane than I would normally be :)


    • That is exactly what I was planning to do some time in the future.
      No need to rush anything, the main point is that it is to your liking. Hardcore fans will wait a long time anyway :P


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