Meditation for the ADHD Mind

One of the things that I learned in my years running the somafera forum was that many somaferans, especially the berserker type, have ADHD. This can present something of a problem when it comes to meditation. After all, meditation is a matter of calming and quieting the mind. It is necessary for all types of somaferans, at least those who want to deliberately trigger any of the somafera states. Several ADHD somaferans and I designed a method for entering meditative states that seemed to work for them. I present it here in the hope that it can help others as well.

Many Buddhist traditions have developed a wide range of techniques for inducing meditative trances. One common method is the koan. A koan is a riddle or problem with no logical solution. It does not offer any deep meaning or hidden revelation, its value lies in attempting to solve it. Because there is no rational solution, sustained focus on solving it ties up more and more of the brain, until an overload point is reached and the conscious part of the brain shuts down. Once this happens, the brain is dumped into a meditative state.

The key to achieving meditative states for ADHD minds follows this principle. You won’t easily be able to quiet or still your mind directly if you have ADHD, but you can use a more “judo” approach, and use your mind’s noise against itself. The key is to overload your mind by giving it too much to focus on at once. Use a meditative mantra. Use three. Keep moving your attention from one thing to another. Look at different things around you. Study them intently. Allow memories and other thoughts to arise unbidden, from free association. Hop from one to another randomly. Try to hold all of them in your mind at once.

Eventually, you will hit a breakover point where your mind, overwhelmed, starts shutting things down in order to try to regain control. One of the first things to go will be the conscious mind, putting you directly into a meditative trance.

This method works well even for deep, abiding, high quality trances. I have known berserkers with ADHD who used this technique to go all the way to full elevation. All it takes is a little practice.


One thought on “Meditation for the ADHD Mind

  1. I needed this. I don’t know if I’m quite adhd, but I have an overactive imagination and my brain sometimes has trouble shutting up. I’m going to go try this.


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