So What Do I Do With All This?

If you have recently realized that you have a somaferan nature, you may be at a loss of what to do with it. There are a number of options. Firstly, you can try to ignore it. Secondly, you can try to come to terms with it enough for it to be useful on occasion, and to avoid the problems that can sometimes come with a somaferan nature. Thirdly, you can embrace it, and learn the skills necessary to gain some measure of control over it.

Ignoring it is generally a bad idea. If you don’t know what the warning signs are for an oncoming berserk fit, then you will be prone to losing control, and that isn’t good for anybody. Repressing it only works in the short term. Over the long term, it actually makes dangerous, sudden berserker fits much more likely.

Coming to terms with it means mostly psychological work. Embracing and developing it means psychological work and a whole lot more. Both of these approaches, however, start with the same thing: meditation. You need to learn to meditate for three reasons. Firstly, it quiets your conscious mind so that ideas and feelings from your subconscious parts can float to the surface and be heard. This includes the voice of your alter, and the attitudes and ideas you have toward your somaferan side. Secondly, it helps keep you mentally and spiritually balanced. This makes you less likely to lose control, and more likely to stay on top of things. Thirdly, once you develop some meditative skills, you can use it to unlearn bad habits and learn new good habits faster than you normally could.

This is about all you need to do in order to come to terms with it, though a few other practices will help as well. Letting your alter out to play in safe circumstances helps. Prayer helps, if you are religiously inclined. Maybe some form of artistic expression would do good as well. This is as much as the vast majority of somaferans will ever need. For most, experiencing the occasional spontaneous state and staying safe is enough.

Some, however, wish to experience more and develop the skills that go along with a somaferan nature. If you choose to embrace this, you need to do some major meditative and psychological work. This is going to be true no matter what the reason you are embracing it. Your normal mundane self and your somaferan alter are rather distinct personas, and each operates with your physiology in a distinctly different state. To be able to recall things from one state to the next, and to be able to exert some form of control, is no small feat. You will need a deep meditative state and extensive hypnotic priming.

In all likelihood, you are going to need an initiation ritual. The ancients used them. We modern somaferans have found them to be necessary for deep control in more than 9 out of 10 cases. You can break somaferan initiation rituals down into three types, generally speaking:

  • Madspace Breakthrough: if your somaferan nature inclines more toward spiritual experiences and mental enhancement then you can benefit greatly from one of these. Essentially, it involves achieving maximum mental stress that leads to a mental breakdown and rebuilding, a metanoia that creates a new mental state optimized for solving problems. It results in an extended eureka state. It is difficult to achieve the incredible mental and emotional stress needed for metanoia of this type, so this ritual requires incredible mental focus and self discipline. This type of initiation will generally not confer any control or expression of berserker-type somaferan states, though there have been exceptions.
  • Trial by Combat: one of the most common styles of berserker initiation. In modern times this means stepping into the ring with a more experienced, stronger fighter and fighting in a no holds barred mixed martial arts style. The experienced fighter must continually push the initiate’s limits, hurting and terrifying the initiate enough to trigger the berserker breakthrough. The experienced fighter must not knock out or exhaust the initiate, but instead play with him or her as long as possible. The incredible pain, fear, and stress of this method is easily able to trigger a true gangr in almost any natural berserker who has prepared properly. However, for some reason that we do not as yet understand, this method is prone to a high degree of failure and backsliding. That is to say that many initiates who succeed at this initiation do not subsequently learn any control over the gangr, or soon lose the control that they do gain. However, this is the ideal method to use for the vast majority of somaferans looking for an initiation. It has an element of danger to it without risking anything very serious, other than pain. It is an excellent compromise between the genuinely risky ancient methods and modern safety concerns.
  • Trial by Fire: the gold standard, as far as deep control goes. This kind of initiation uses fire walking or a similar ancient fire handling ritual. This is possible to do safely under the right circumstances largely due to the enhanced heat removal capacity of the blood when the pulse and blood pressure are as insanely high as they are in a berserker state. Much like putting a paper cup of water in a fire, the paper will not burn while there is water in it. A berserker initiate can deliberately trigger the gangr, in a deep, deep meditative state, by using the pain, fear, stress, and need to avoid being badly injured that contact with fire or hot coals brings.

Please keep in mind that the very idea of this is insane. This approach is ONLY for advanced spirit workers with a lot of experience. This is not for amateurs, or noobs. The point at which the fire resistant state comes, if it comes at all, it the tiniest moment before your flesh burns. If you fail to enter the state, YOU WILL BURN. The majority of the people who have tried this method have suffered at least blistering burns. Only three, myself included, have ever escaped entirely unburned. One berserker I know was SERIOUSLY burned, requiring multiple surgeries and leaving him with permanent disfigurement.

The only reason that anyone goes this route is that if it does succeed, the control that it gives seems to be permanent. None who have succeeded at this ritual have failed to gain control, and few have ever backslid.

It is likely that a true vision quest style of ritual, with the extended fasting, might also work, but I know of none who have tried. Whichever method you choose, you need to spend MONTHS preparing. That means extensive daily meditations, hypnotic primings, readings, and ritual tool making. The ritual itself must be complex, and utilize certain techniques. If you are new to meditation, your preparation will need to take years. You cannot rush this. If you do not have the patience to prepare for this ritual properly, then you do not have the willpower to break through.

Whichever path you choose, take your time and think about it. A somaferan nature is just like any other inborn talent or skill, such as race car driving or painting. It is a part and parcel of who you are. It will still be there later.


16 thoughts on “So What Do I Do With All This?

  1. Greetings Wayland,

    I’ve just stumbled upon all your writings with what I consider to be a flare-up of synchronicity, in that I’ve recently been guided towards this exact path. It will take me some time to read all that you have to say, but I can already tell that I’d like to get in more direct contact with either you or your associates; however, I have not been able to find any information on how to do so. Could you possibly provide me with an email address so I can address some of my more personal questions about the Berserkergang?



    • My apologies, but I no longer do private email consultations. I ran the Somafera Pack for over ten years, and spent the majority of it counseling and training others. When our group split up a couple years ago, I was faced with the choice of rebuilding it from scratch or moving on to other projects that have long needed my attention. I chose to move on to other things, and no longer have the time available for consultations like that. My involvement in the somafera community is now limited to writing books, and this blog. I am happy to answer any questions you ask here, however, in the Comments sections or, if they are of larger importance, as a post. As for others, of the somaferans I have kept in contact with since the Pack dissolved, none of them ever do private talks. We tend to be a rather reclusive people.


      • honestly… there are more discoveries out there and I think they would fit well with your research. its not somafera but there are other things that I think would peak your interest. im trying to get a think tank together of people who have different perspectives on the limitations of what a human can do. I would honestly like your contribution.


      • wayland, think about this: somafera is just one phenomena that history has documented, you have read about other crazy things that have happened? Exorcisms, levitations etc. not all of these happened in the church but the fact that they are documented says that there might be science as to how they happened. think about things like people having telepathic moments without explanation. seeing ghost…knowing when someone is about to die….a few years ago a few of us got together and we talked, now we need to talk more seriously about networking and putting our information together. is there a to contact you outside of this?


  2. Hello. I posted on here a while ago. I had some ideas I wanted to share with you but I don’t think I articulated them well…so lets try again: I am empath I think you know what that is. most would say that its someone who can sense people’s emotions. that is the simple part. its someone who is energetically sensitive. their nervous system is so sensitive that they can perceive electromagnetic energies. the universe is comprised of electromagnetic energy so…that’s a lot that can be perceived or intuited. the human body has its own emf (electromagnetic field). the heart gives off the largest field. (larger than that of the brain) the heart and brain are connected more than any other two organs. I say all that to say this: with the nervous system being so system it is easy for an empath to succumb to issues with anxiety…But with some training and focus you can turn this into something else. You can elevate into a gangr. I have done this. the gangr has even helped with being able to sense emotions in people. tension in emotionally charged occurrences. when people are arguing to where they might fight, I can feel it. I get anxious, my heart starts to races. its happened in sexual encounters as well. I think that empathy and somafera might be two halves on the same coin. the somafera being more physical and empathy being more mental/emotional/spiritual. I would love to hear your thoughts on this.


  3. Well, I would agree with you that such empathic sensitivity as you describe would likely be connected to the somafera state. I would disagree with you about the nature of empathy, however. What is your evidence for your electromagnetic hypothesis?


    • several studies have taken place concerning the human body’s emf. the electrical field of the heart is 60 time greater than that of the brain and the magnetic field is 5,000 times greater than that of the brain. this field is detectable with squid equipment. (superconducting quantum interference devices). the human energy field is a new study in the west, but old in the east…either way it’s a real thing. think of it as another sensory tool.


      • some people are just more energetically sensitive than others. some people would disagree about being able to control the fight or flight response to the degree that you are talking about.


      • And the scientific method is how disagreements are settled, when it comes to science. My claims can be tested, replicated. I do not believe that information can be passed by the human electromagnetic field, though. It is far too weak. And no mechanism has been proposed for how a weak signal, even if detectable, can make it to conscious awareness.

        Can you cite some references, or suggest a test to prove your claims?


  4. you actually dont have to believe any of this, but some would say the same about your claims. You talk about having alternate personalities and being able to have conscious control over your sympathetic nervous system to allow enhanced strength, speed and a higher tolerance for pain. how do you think that sounds to the mundane person??? i just thought you would understand being different. its up to you. your opinion does nothing to my frame of mind.


    • OK, but that just says the same stuff you did. It does not offer any proof, it shows no evidence, it forms no rigorous theory. In fact, it even quite specifically says that they conduct no research.

      While I appreciate your inquisitive nature, and openness to new ideas, I am trying to engage in scientific inquiry here. To be scientific, an idea must be testable. It must be falsifiable. My ideas can be tested. I have left specific instructions for duplicating the processes my group developed. This site just makes a bunch of grandiose claims, without any indication as to how they can be proven or disproven. This is not science.


    • I am sorry, but this is just a YouTube video. That is a document, not proof. Yes, such an assertion would deserve testing, but that testing would need to be large scale, well documented, and submitted to peer review. Anecdotal data, such as this, is not evidence. It is just as easily a fake or an anomaly.

      Scientific procedure requires rigid standards. Yes, the world is bigger than I or anyone thinks. And the way to deal with that is to make ourselves into good, careful observers who use rigorous, logical reasoning.


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