Putting on the Wolf Skin

frontcoverAfter the somafera forum closed down, we few remaining members of the old Pack each went our separate ways to pursue our own paths. We each decided to take what we had learned from the forum and send it out into the world in whatever form we thought would do the most good. I’m a writer, so I plan on publishing a series of books on the subject of the berserkergang and other forms of somafera.

I have just published the first of these – Putting on the Wolf Skin: The Berserkergang and Other Forms of Somafera. I split it into two parts that can either be read separately or together. The first tackles the berserkergang, using primarily a spiritual and martial arts perspective. The second addresses the intellectual variant of somafera, the one that enhances mental functioning. This one uses a more scientific perspective. It is a beginner’s book, that covers the basics of how these states work, what it is like to experience them, and more. It provides details of ancient and modern initiation rituals, as well as a number of exercises to induce the state, as developed by the members of the forum over the course of decades. It gives advice on how to come to terms with the tumultuous, difficult lives that born somaferans are prone to experiencing. It also provides a summary of our scientific investigations into the state.

I have attempted to distill the fundamentals of these practices as developed by a team of dedicated somaferan researchers that included medical theorists, Navy SEALs, spiritualists, and more. I wish to thank them for all of their help and guidance over the years. The contents of this book are a product of their efforts and insights as much as my own. Fare well wherever you fare, siblings.

You can purchase Putting on the Wolf Skin direct from Createspace, or on Amazon.com (or order it from your local bookstore).


21 thoughts on “Putting on the Wolf Skin

  1. Nice. I have searched for a book like this.
    Is there a Pdf Version avaible or something similar ?
    I´m living in Germany and the shippment + tax from usa is quiet expensive and long…
    If not i´m going to buy the paperback.

    By the Way :
    I´m new in this topic and discovered this website a few weeks ago as a result of my studies about Berserkergang. I some Berserkergangs in the past few years but i wasn´t able to controll them. I hurt others and myself. Now i want to learn more about this ability and starting to controll it.


  2. It´s me again. I found the book in a German shop.
    So there is no need for me for a digital Version anymore.

    PS.: Just 180 pages for 16 bugs ?
    Quiet expensive but i will buy it anyway.
    I would just recommend to lower the price.


    • Thank you, but I believe that the price represents the value of the information, and the copious amounts of blood, sweat, and tears that I and many others put into developing it.

      Good luck in learning the control you seek. I hope the book helps. If you ever have any questions, I am happy to help.


  3. Hello,

    I started reading your book today.
    It´s awesome. I have to admit that it is worth its 16 $.
    In my opinion it´s even priceless. I would pay 100 bugs or even more if i had to do so.
    I found so much parallels to my own experiences and problems and skills.
    I learned so much and I´m glad not to be alone.
    I want to thank you for this.

    By the way is the Somafera Forum still in use ?
    I´m a little bit confused about the design and the functions.
    How can i join it and how does it works ?

    Thank you

    PS.: Excuse my not perfect School-English.
    PPS.: I hope you have had a merry xmas-time and i wish you a happy new year.


    • Hello,

      Thank you for your kind words. I am glad that the book is of value to you.

      I am afraid that the somafera forum is no longer in use. It is in the nature of Internet groups like that to wax and wane in membership over the years, and in the decade or more that the forum existed I always rebuilt it from scratch whenever the membership dwindled to near zero. The last time the forum fell apart, it was all too much to contemplate doing again. I have donated thousands of hours of my time, and tens of thousands of dollars of my money to it over the years. I have done what I can with it. I have other projects going on now that need my time and attention. I think that we have learned all that we can from that model of research and communication anyway. The future of somafera lies in the groups that will be formed in the future, each in response to some particular need. Some will be connected to the original, others will have no connection at all, and our people will be stronger for it. The information is out there now, and those who need it can find it.

      Happy Yule, and whatever other holidays you celebrate. Wes thu hal.



  4. Hello. I left the comment about joy and elevation. My next question is how do you feel about people with anxiety disorders? Do you think that at least a percentage of these people might be Somaferan?


    • I think there are maybe some because :
      1. Strong emotions and emotional flucations are a SIgn for Somafera
      2. I myself had strong phobias at the age from 4-14.
      Escpecially i panicked when i was alone somewhere ( when i lost my pack )
      or when i was locked in tight spaces like elevators.
      But i fought this fears and got over them.
      3. I think in the book there anxiety disorders were mentioned.
      But I´m a novice in this topic and have not so much experience.
      So maybe I´m wrong.

      PS.: Excuse my not so good english, again.


      • i realize that. some just don’t have it in them but I asked that because well…to be honest my theory that im about to share with you might seem a bit out there. Have you ever heard of an empathy? Hypersensitive person? The tv will say that these people can sense other peoples emotions and pains….in actuality its more like having a high sensitivity to things…energies included…I could get in depth into this but I wont unless you ask….but anyway, one of the things that many (we’ll just say hsp [hypersensitive person] instead of empath, but I use those interchangeably) hsp experience is anxiety, especially in places where there are a lot of people because of the abundance of energies there due to the people. My point is…I think an hsp could possibly (not all but some) be a somaferan as well.


      • An interesting hypothesis. I can definitely see how such empathy could easily create enough data overload to deafferent the posterior superior parietal lobe, beginning the process of elevation. Please do share what your theory is here.


  5. I wouldn’t have a problem with that. As I said before I’ve been following your research since 2010. For a while I really wanted to go to the shield biters cup. (Love to fight lol ) your sites have really helped me. To be honest, I myself am an empath…..but I’ve elevated before in some really bad situation. I was hoping to compare notes with you. I have some stuff that might help with your elevations or breaking down particular parts of berserking.


  6. From what I read, 20 percent of the population is hypersensitive. It’s not just the average 5 senses either. (Here is where things might get weird) …so, you know the human body gives off its own electromagnetic field, right? It’s generated by the heart….you can call it the human energy field, your aura, or chi or prana. Whatever you want to call it, it’s a real thing. An hsp could be more in tune with their energy field so that they perceive things on an energetic level. You can actually feel this field between your hands. After studying a bit of qi gong, I’ve learned to sync this field with my breathing and heartbeat. The interesting thing is when I was doing a meditation where I synced my energy field and I was using joy to elevate, it only happened briefly but I could feel the increase in my energy field….it was something I’ve never experienced again…..but I will. It’s hard to explain but imagine you can feel your pulse in your hands….now intensify that feeling by 10…that’s what it was like.


  7. The anxiety question reminded me of a question I’ve been needing to ask. Since most of us do have anxiety, but don’t always have the desired reactions to medication, can anybody here think of anxiety meds that actually work for us (safely, I might add…I’m a little paranoid about medications)?


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